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About Nobis

The Nobis brand was born in Toronto, Canada. Nobis follows more than 40 years tradition of its parent company specializing to production and design of high quality privately branded headwear. The inspiration for the birth of Nobis comes from highly talented design team, who, for the first time have been given the freedom to work from a blank canvas. Their productions express their passion for life, relation to the virgin Canadian nature and Toronto Queen Street culture from which they hail. Their talent combined with a progressive management strategy has unveiled one of the most highly sought after outerwear, apparel and headwear offerings to hit the industry in some time.

Name of the brand comes from Latin word Nobis - “us”. Nobis focuses on personal individuality and expression of its lifestyle. The commitment of excellence in function, quality, and detail driven design is unparalleled in today’s marketplace.

Nobis takes pride in offering you a headwear collection inspired by quality authentic yarns, fabrics, and distinct hand-crafted details. Whether it be removable pom-poms, teddy-fur lining, stash-pockets, wicking sweatbands, recycled peaks, or multiple trims and embellishments, expect to see natural variations from piece to piece.

In continuation of Nobis passion to create unique premium headwear, Nobis is also proud to introduce an offering of outerwear and apparel built in the tradition of the Nobis Culture. The functionality of this outerwear will let you be you. Whether you are chillin’ at the cottage in Canada’s frigid north, or finding your way home after a full shift at the bar, Nobis will keep you warm and dry, regardless of the elements.

We at Nobis know that we are all unique, for strength lies in differences, not similarities. Live curiously, think what nobody has thought, know who you are, and know what you want - This is Nobis.

For more information, please, visit the international Nobis web sites here.
About Nobis Nobis Global Where to Buy Contacts